Hi there! I’m the founder of Gymspell. I was born near Paris, France -  Growing up on streets lined with roses and orange blossoms, I felt a deep connection to beauty and wellbeing. At 18, I began working in the Paris head offices of luxury cosmetic brands like Chanel and Dior. As I started working with international suppliers and consulting for smaller companies overseas, I traveled constantly. Though I was busy, I always made time to visit the gym – exercise always had a way of making me feel energized and steady. I loved working out, but my complexion and hair didn’t. My skin went into revolt – acne started to appear, and my face became very sensitive. My hair always felt so greasy and I had to wash it often, but now my strands were showing the symptoms of drying out. My confidence suffered. I knew there had to be a way to get my hair and skin under control without ditching the gym!

While I was in Japan, I noticed that many women used blotting paper to absorb excess facial oil. These women seemed to have clear, hydrated skin – and the paper didn’t smudge their makeup! Curiosity struck: could something that simple work for me? It seemed promising – between the gym, traveling, and work, I didn’t have time for a lengthy skincare routine. At that point, I was willing to try any solution as quick and straightforward as blotting paper. With a little bit of doubt in my mind, I started taking these little sheets of paper to the gym with me every day and…


My skin started to improve!

Blotting paper was mild enough not to irritate my sensitive skin. It wicked away all the extra oil and sweat I produced while exercising and I quickly noticed my acne disappearing. I was thrilled to discover something that truly worked for my body and my way of life. Health-conscious skincare options that fit into the lifestyles of busy women AND cater to the #gymlife have always been in short supply – believe me, I’ve spent my career in the cosmetics industry. Many women (like me!) don’t have the time to go to the gym, follow a 10-step skincare routine, work, socialize, sleep, and start over. But every time one of those tasks gets easier, you have more energy to focus on the others. Simplifying skincare makes confidence more accessible. It empowers women like us to pursue our personal and professional goals.

Now that I had discovered the life-changing properties of blotting paper, I knew there was some room for improvement. I noticed that skincare products were often complicated, touting the benefits of chemical ingredients that most women aren’t familiar with. My work across the globe allowed me to learn all about efficient, sustainable product development – from formulation and supplies to guidelines and distribution. My personal and professional experience pointed me to three easy truths about what makes a great beauty product. First, it’s made from a small number of natural ingredients. Second, it supports your body’s natural processes rather than trying to replace them. Third, it fits seamlessly into your life.

I began formulating a specialty blotting paper that would accommodate a woman’s busy lifestyle and meet my own high standards. If I was going to develop self-care products, they would have to be convenient, address several common skincare problems, and be completely vegan. There was one more thing I wanted to add to though.

What if I could apply the concept of facial blotting paper to the realm of hair care? This question enabled me to begin developing a hair blotting paper too. With the absorbent capabilities of rice powder, these oil taming blotting papers reduced the oil levels in hair. Since my hair wasn’t as oily all the time, I didn’t have to wash it nearly as often. My hair thrived on its break from over cleansing with shampoos!

After the production of my blotting papers was complete, I sent my mum a special package to try out with her clients. Her approval meant the world to me, and the feedback was outstanding. Women were seeing real improvements to their skin and hair while feeling empowered to continue their personal workout journeys.

So how does blotting paper work? How can something so simple have such a profound effect? Well, blotting paper is very efficient at absorbing bacteria and toxins, drawing them out from the pores and removing them from the surface of the skin. These impurities are part of everyday life, but at the gym they mix with sweat and natural body oils on your face and in your hair. If left on your skin, they can be reabsorbed into your pores leading to breakouts. By removing these micro-particles, you allow your clean skin to engage in its natural moisture-balancing processes free from interference.

The simplicity of the natural is what Gymspell is all about. Your workout journey and your skincare journey aren’t about changing yourself, they’re about being yourself. They are a path towards unleashing your natural beauty.

I’m inviting you to join the ranks of women who we’ve helped pursue their best lives. When you can feel your best, you can be your best. Gymspell is here to help you jump over the hurdles that you’ll come across, improving your self-esteem through healthy, practical skincare.

With women in charge, things are starting to clear up. #girlpower